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  • What is a Flapper Gatsby Costume?

    The Great Gatsby book and movie evoke a glamorous time during what is known as the ‘prohibition’ era where all alcohol was banned from making, transporting or selling in the United States between 1920 till the mid-1930s. As a result of this, there was a huge black market and gangsters were involved in the sale and transportation of alcohol. Young women at this time were called flappers, meaning they were free-spirited and disregarded social norms.

    20s flapper feather headband

    The Great Gatsby was written about this time and it depicted a time for women in particular for arising social independence. The classic Flapper Gatsby Costume for women is a mid-length straight dress, falling from the shoulders to the knees, with no intake at the waist as had been popular during most eras before and since.

    The style of dress for women was due in part to the wastage of young male lives in western countries after World War 1, followed by the pandemic of Spanish influenza. It was clear to many that life was short and that women need to carve out lives on their own terms as there were simply fewer men to go around.

    Mens Gangster Costumes

    Women were starting to demand the vote and to have freedom apart from what men would ‘allow them’. The main characters of the famous novel about this time, The Great Gatsby is Jay Gatsby who made his money as a bootlegger (transporting illegal alcohol) and he was in love with a flapper, Daisy and these are the fashions that are depicted in the movies.

    Because Jay Gatsby was a gangster, this 20s men’s costume and flapper dress have become iconic of what gangsters dressed like and can be used for characters such as the flapper and gangster Bonny & Clyde who made their money in transporting illegal alcohol at this time.

    Gatsby Flapper Costumes

    Along with the loose long lined suit and flapper dress, accessories to complete the look include close-fitting hats, a long string of pearls and bob wigs for women, with a trilby hat and gun for a man.

  • Curious Creatures, Wild Minds costume ideas for Book Week

    Wearing book character costumes is a great way to promote the enjoyment of reading in your young children. Encouraging reading can be a challenge that all parents face from time to time. It is easy for those who just find reading a joy but when there are those who really don’t want to do their book reading at night, it can be a chore.

    Kids T-Rex Dinosaur Inflatable Costume
    Kids T-Rex Blow up Dinosaur Inflatable Costume

    The Children's Book Council of Australia endorses Book Week to celebrate the importance and joy of reading. Each year they choose a theme. This year the theme is ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’. At we celebrate along with you by providing you with many book characters to dress up as.

    thing 1 and thing 2 costumes

    We supply many wonderful simple book week costumes as well as much more elaborate ones, that your child will find delight in bringing to life the character from a book they love. Even very young children can begin a love of reading through the stories of wonderful characters such as The Cat in the Hat, Winnie the Pooh or his friends Eeyore and Rabbit.
    For people on a limited budget, just the ears or a jar of honey will bring these characters to life. Some children identify with a particular character really strongly and year after year wish to dress up for Book Week in a new version of the same character, and Afterall, children grow so fast you will need to replace their costumes.

    Cat in the Hat Costumes

    Whether your son wants to be Harry Potter or the Mad Hatter we have some really well designed and attractive kids’ book week costumes to choose from. The theme of ‘Curious Creatures, Wild Minds’ is best summed up by Matilda, who was able to use her love of books, and knowledge to escape from her bad parents. Many girls choose Matilda as she is a great role model. You can get your very own properly designed Matilda Book Week costume or other strong role models for promoting good reading at our site.

  • Colourful and outrageous - ideas for 1960s 70s costumes

    At this time, there is in the media a fair bit of attention to the events of 1969, which is 50 years ago. This was the time that man first landed on the moon. There has been a lot of retrospective TV shows and documentaries and even museum exhibitions about this era.

    It was a time of great social change, social protest against war and ideas about freedom from oppression and civil rights became important. The fashions of the time signified a break from the past. For instance, an iconic look for a 1960s woman’s dress up costume is that of the GoGo dancer, with a mini skirt, coloured shiny boots and a headscarf. The thing that defines 1960s and 70s costumes are the use of large bright colours with either geometric or tie-dyed patterns.

    60s Hippie Girl Disco Dancing Costume

    It was a time to protest the establishment and from this came an anti-war movement that has commonly been embraced as the hippies, whose lifestyle included peace, love and opposing the established order. With the focus on peace, a popular symbol, known as the peace symbol began to appear in the late 60s. It is commonly found on T-shirts and necklaces. So in a sense, the colourful and bright costumes of this time were to show it was a different time, a different generation, a form of rebellion. Common hippie outfits for women during this time was crocheted vests, very long or very short skirts, flared low rider jeans, sandals or boots.

    Large stripes, pointy shoes, and tight pants were also popular during the earlier part of the 1960s, particularly for men. There is a range of different styles that people think of when they think of the 1960s and 70s costumes. Going closer into the 1970s, disco was popular and we see outfits made from satin in bold colours as well as all in one jumpsuit in lycra for women.  The 1970s also invented the punk look which remains a symbol of rebellion with torn fishnet stockings, tartan pants and torn clothes held together with safety pins.

    If you need to choose from an amazing selection for an upcoming 1960s -70s dress-up party, you will find an amazing selection of complete outfits and accessories on our site.

  • How to pick the right fancy dress costume for you

    This blog is dedicated to the many shy people that do not like to be the centre of attention, but who have been invited to a fancy dress party and feel that they will look ridiculous but have made a commitment to go and they want to make a good impression. Here are some tips which can be applied equally to men and women facing this dilemma. It is really a

    Harry Potter Costumes

    1. Dress in a costume that suits your body shape.
    Let’s face it, not everyone is tiny. The good news is that regarding fancy dress, there are characters that you can be that are every size. In the same way that if you are a naturally slender person, you should not try being Hagrid from Harry Potter. If you are a larger framed person, find a character that shares your approximate dimensions.

    Cheerleader Costumes

    2.If there is a theme, do a lot of research
    If you have been invited to a Halloween party, then the world’s your oyster and you can choose to wear anything you want, and it is acceptable.
    A website like ours is a great place to start as we have already classified the costumes according to themes which makes it a lot easier. Looking at the images, you will start to form some ideas of the type of costume that appeals to you, as well as the theme.

    Star War Costumes

    3.Choose to blend in with your friends or partner’s costume
    If there is a group of friends attending, consider being in a group. It takes the pressure off to just be ‘one’ of a bunch of people.
    A good example may be ‘Star Wars’ a group of you can be Luke, Leah, Darth Vader and Han Solo. If you are particularly shy, you may want to wear a Chewbacca mask to remain anonymous.

    Oktoberfest Costumes

    4.Pick a character from literature, movies or history that you identify with.
    If you have to dress up, you may as well choose to be someone that you admire or identify with.
    If you don’t want to dress up completely as it makes you feel uncomfortable, choose some accessories that symbolises that person.
    For example, you may want to be Einstein and you could either get a crazy wig, or perhaps a fake mustache and a lab coat.

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