Colourful and outrageous - ideas for 1960s 70s costumes

At this time, there is in the media a fair bit of attention to the events of 1969, which is 50 years ago. This was the time that man first landed on the moon. There has been a lot of retrospective TV shows and documentaries and even museum exhibitions about this era.

It was a time of great social change, social protest against war and ideas about freedom from oppression and civil rights became important. The fashions of the time signified a break from the past. For instance, an iconic look for a 1960s woman’s dress up costume is that of the GoGo dancer, with a mini skirt, coloured shiny boots and a headscarf. The thing that defines 1960s and 70s costumes are the use of large bright colours with either geometric or tie-dyed patterns.

60s Hippie Girl Disco Dancing Costume

It was a time to protest the establishment and from this came an anti-war movement that has commonly been embraced as the hippies, whose lifestyle included peace, love and opposing the established order. With the focus on peace, a popular symbol, known as the peace symbol began to appear in the late 60s. It is commonly found on T-shirts and necklaces. So in a sense, the colourful and bright costumes of this time were to show it was a different time, a different generation, a form of rebellion. Common hippie outfits for women during this time was crocheted vests, very long or very short skirts, flared low rider jeans, sandals or boots.

Large stripes, pointy shoes, and tight pants were also popular during the earlier part of the 1960s, particularly for men. There is a range of different styles that people think of when they think of the 1960s and 70s costumes. Going closer into the 1970s, disco was popular and we see outfits made from satin in bold colours as well as all in one jumpsuit in lycra for women.  The 1970s also invented the punk look which remains a symbol of rebellion with torn fishnet stockings, tartan pants and torn clothes held together with safety pins.

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