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Top gun costume

Top Gun costumes have always been popular since the 1980s iconic movie of the same name came out. It is a popular choice for both men and women, and many couples find it fun when they dress up for Halloween or another fancy dress party as the famous couple from the movie, Maverick and Charlie.

We have Top Gun outfits for women and men. In the movie the brave fighter pilots Maverick always wore his signature aviator glasses and all in one pilot suit. Our mens’ top gun outfits are well designed and manufactured to replicate the look from the movie, so that you will be instantly recognised when you go to your 80s themed party, or even movie theme event.

Our women’s Charlie costumes are very sexy and you will feel like a glamourous pilot when you wear one of our sexy Top Gun costumes for women - you will certainly turn heads. You will see that it is a great choice for a sexy couple costume.

With the new 2019 Top Gun movie coming out, we believe this will continue to be a really popular choice for outfits in the future as it has been in the past. You will see from our online selection, our Top Gun costumes are really well made with great attention to detail.

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