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Superheroes and villains Costume and Dress

Superheroes are always popular choices for any dress up party or event. Whether it is for a child’s dress up day at school, or a Halloween adult party, or any birthday celebration where people are dressing up, you will find many superheroes to choose from.

If you need an outfit for a cosplay or comics convention then you are in luck. We have all the main superheroes from DC and Marvel such as Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, Aquaman, Spiderman, Captain America, Thor and Wolverine.

We have also introduced a special superheroes villains range for those who enjoy the darker things in life. There are so many villains that you can choose from, and you can create your own version of them by putting together costume accessories - for example, Batman’s arch nemesis, The Penguin is a man in a tuxedo with an eyepatch.

For those who want the costume already made, please visit our villains section where you can find examples from the DC or Marvel universe. You can find characters such as: The Joker or Catwoman.

All our superhero and villain costumes come in womens’, children and men's tailoring so they will fit and look fabulous on you. Check out our boots that will go perfectly with any superhero costume.

Womens Costumes

Whether you are a cosplayer needing some inspiration, outfits for your next fan convention or you have been invited to a fabulous fancy dress party, we have the most extensive range of women's costume ideas. Our fancy dress costumes cover all sorts of themes including sexy costumes, female Halloween costume ideas for your next costume party or themed work event. 
Scroll through our truly extensive range of costume ideas for women, from superheroes to movie stars, we have a huge collection of fantasy costumes and we also carry a range of plus size costumes for women. We are a one-stop shop for ladies costumes as we also carry a very large range of accessories such as masks, wigs, gloves and even makeup.

Check out our site with your girlfriends and you can go as a particular group from a movie, or pop group, or characters from history. Teachers who want to get into the spirit of Book Week can also find great cheap adult costumes to wear.
You will be amazed at how you can transform your whole look with a wig. Browse our comprehensive selection of wigs too and you and your partner or friends will achieve some of the best costumes for the occasion.