Movie & TV Costume - Girls Costume

Movie and tv Costume and Dress

When you are hosting any costume party, choosing a character from movies and TV is always a great choice. You can even make suggestions on the invitation for your friends who may need inspiration. We have a range of movie and TV costumes to choose from from such great films such as: Batman, Rambo, Top Gun, Star Wars, Ghostbusters, Terminator and Harry Potter.

For children we have a great range of Disney inspired kids costumes such as Aladdin, the Incredibles, the BFG, Willy Wonka and Toy Story. You may also have a movie or TV character that we do not have a specific designed costume for, but we have so many accessories that you can create your own realistic costume for that character.

For women and girls, some of the popular dress ups inspired by the movies include Sandy from Grease, where there are a range of different looks or Gatsby inspired fashions from the 20s. Scary film references are also a great choice and we have some scary movie costumes (which would be great for Halloween) include, the Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice, Twighlight vampire costumes.

Wigs, military outfits, leggings, bandanas and mirror sunglasses are all must-have accessories to create any character from movie and TV.