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Book Week Costume

Book Week Costume, reading is my secret power

If you are looking for some great book week costumes for your child then you have come to the right place. Every year we add new book characters to our range as we know that parents these days can find it hard to have the time and skills to design and make easy book character costumes.

The whole point of book week is to promote reading, so showing support of your child by helping them find the best kids book week costumes for them to proudly wear is priceless. We have great book week costume ideas so they will not feel shabby for the book parade in costume. 

We have many iconic book character costumes for kids. One of the most popular children's book character dress up ideas for girls comes from Roald Dahl’s works, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The Witches, and of course Matilda. 

Girls will love to wear our beautiful Matilda book week costume. We also have Charlie Bucket or Willy Wonka, or even the Golden Ticket which are great eye catching book week ideas for boys.

Another popular choice in the best book character costumes for boys category is to wear the cape and glasses of the magical Harry Potter, complete with a huge range of wands and other accessories.