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1950s Costumes

Looking for 1950s dresses or Grease costumes for your next 50s theme dress-up event? You will see a range of adorable 50s dresses with sweetheart necklines, gorgeous sweaters and skinny jeans.

The three most inspirational and popular looks that people choose when doing a 50s dress up are Elvis, Grease and Marilyn Monroe. These characters in many ways are larger than life and provide a great look. 

We have a wide range of Elvis looks, from the iconic sequined jumpsuit to rock and roll costumes - skinny jeans, white t-shirt, leather jacket with your hair high and slicked back.  Of course, it was not just Elvis that had that iconic look, you can also be Danny Zuko or any of the T-birds gang from Grease. 

For women who want to choose a look from that time, we have Sandy from Grease, the Pink Ladies with their pink bomber jackets and capri pants or the big swing satin skirts, and cheerleader look. You can also choose the sexy Sandy look with the shiny leggings and tight off the shoulder top. You can find wigs and sunglasses and neck scarfs. You can also be ChaCha Degregorio, Frenchy or even Rizzo. Get your friends together and you can each be one of the gang.

If you are looking for some really cool costumes for your next fancy dress event then you've come to the right place. You can spend hours finding inspiration for good costume ideas for yourself or also if you are planning a fancy dress event for some friends.
You will find a good range for finding couples Halloween costume ideas so that you can complement the character costumes that you are choosing. If you are going with friends, you can share men's costume ideas over social media and then you will be well coordinated with each other.
Of course, Halloween is not the only time that adults like to have dress up themes for parties. Workplaces also have particular themes such as Xmas or other festivals. Get into the spirit and choose our cheap costumes.

If you are looking to spice up your relationship, role-play can be a great fun activity. You will see a really huge range of sexy men's costumes when you browse through our costume shop online. 

Some of the specific costumes online that you can browse through include:

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  • ∵   fantasy costumes
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  • ∵   movie characters
  • ∵   historical figures
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We stock a great range of accessories to bring life to the characters such as costume wigs, masks,  hats, sunglasses etc.