20's Costume

Gatsby costume

The Great Gatsby movie is a great inspiration for dress-up costumes for many reasons. Firstly, the Gatsby-inspired dresses for women are so beautiful featuring flattering lines, and great designs and lots of shiny sequins.

We have a huge collection of flapper dresses, also known as Gatsby dresses for women to choose from. The traditional 1920s flapper Gatsby costume for women is a straight dress that falls from the top of the dress to just under the knees. It features no waistline and is often decorated with tassels and sequins. It is a great style to dance in as it is not tight fitting.

The lead character in the movie is a gangster and we have many men’s gangster costumes, such as pin-striped double-breasted black suits with trilby hats. Along with the loose long-lined suits and flapper dresses, accessories to complete the look include close-fitting hats, a long string of pearls and bob wigs for women, with a trilby hat and gun for a man.

We also have a really huge range of Gatsby inspired 1920s women’s headpieces and feathered headbands and other very sophisticated accessories to complete your Gatsby costume. Some of the additional accessories include strings of pearls, long gloves and for the guys, gun holsters, suspenders, toy guns and fake cigars.