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When we were children, we all had our favorite superhero. For some it was Batman, for some it was Superman, for some it was Wonder-woman, and so on.


The Women’s Superhero Costume collection offers 15 different costumes, and all of them are done to bring the superhero to life. Stun everyone by entering a costume party with a sexy Batgirl outfit, or an excellent Wonder-Woman costume, or a magnificent Super-Girl fancy dress. Keep in mind that, whether he admits it or not, every man has a weak spot, and that weak spot is a sexy Super-heroine. If you boyfriend or husband loves Batman, for example, just appear wearing a Batgirl outfit, and make sure that he “pays” for all his “crimes”. You will watch him as his jaw rushes to the ground, just like in a cartoon.


These costumes are also great for occasions like Halloween, for instance. Just make sure that you click on the image of the desired product, to see the measurements, and to see what is and what isn’t included in the package.

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